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Ode to a Dachsund

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Derri Mae


Meet Derri!!

She is a veteran dachsund of the Palese household, and the smallest. Her coat is comprised of beautiful red hair, and many people believe she resembles her primary owner, "Wild Red" (Suswan/Mom).

She has quite a few nicknames:

1. The DeathStar (reason unknown)

2. The Debstar (A Derivative of "deathstar.")

3. Oooosha GaBoooBA (Suswan's Czech talk)

4. Osssha ga Osssha ga BooBA (Derivative from above)

5. Duuuurry (Joseph's version)

6. Hey Little Girl (Mom's nickname)

Although Derri stands only .5 Ft high, and weighs 10 pounds, she is the faithful guardian of her primary caretaker (Suswan)and the house. No burglar would ever think about breaking into our house once they glance upon this ferocious beast.

When Derri isn't busy protecting Wild Red and the house, she can be seen being carried around the house and the backyard, by her primary owner Suswan. Derri demands to be held in a person's arms at all times. Even when she goes outside to do "Schmee Schmee," she insists on being picked up and carried back into the house after doing her business.

Derri is also fond of sleeping, eating, cuddling, eating, laying, eating, and chewing on bullysticks. She is often found in her Emerald Princess Green bed napping, eating, snoozing, eating or just simply relaxing.

Although Derri is usually seen at the foot of her primary owner, it has been observed that she will leave her owner in the evening hours, in search of Potato chips; preferably Pringles. This "Potato Journey" is also one of the rare times this creature can be found willingly interacting with her Arch Enemy/ Best Friend, Veto (Vight-tor / Dad)
In a brief interview, Veto commented:

"Derri will come downstairs, and wait for me to open the potato chips. I will then feed her. Once she realizes there are no more potato chips to be had, she runs away....very lightening. Then when she reaches the top of the steps, I hear her growling at me...ferociously. I still don't understand why."

Well Veto, nor do we. For some reason it is in Derri's innate nature to bark and growl at any animal, human or object, that is not "Wild Red.

Although Derri enjoys a life of leisure, she does need some excitement in her mundane life. To seek adventure, Derri dabbles in the modeling industry, and has recently completed a photoshoot for "Teen Vogue." You can see pictures of this elaborate photoshoot below.


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