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Ode to a Dachsund

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Sweet Pea

Our Newest Additon!


Sweet Pea is the youngest and most peculiar of the three dachsunds.  She is also "Daddy's Little Girl." She was the only puppy to be born "Black and Tan," (the rest of the litter were just Tan).   She also held a previous name "Soul Sista," because she would cry and be very vocal as a young pup. 
Some of her Nicknames are:
1. Shitita    (figure it our for yourself)
2. Sweeper     (composed by Dad)
3. Sweep ( abriged version of Sweeper)
4. Pee, oh Pee
4. Peanut (extension of her latter name)
5. "Sweet Peeeeeee!  Sweet Peeeeeeeeee!"
6.  Mouse Dog ( Given by Jenn, because she looks like a mouse)
7. "Ignatz"  (From a cartoon character who looks like a mouse)
Sweet Pea is still one of the most verbal animals, you can hear an array of sounds come out of her little mouth, including a groaning sound upon moving her if she is sleeping.
This dog does not discriminate when it comes to food, or anything that she tries to eat for that matter.  She has been known to consume dog biscuits, bones and milk, as well as anti-biotics, plastic, and other in-animate objects.  Be careful what you drop on the ground- Sweet Pea will eat it!
She has proudly "earned" her name, since one of her most accomplished habits is peeing in the house, usually directly on a rug.  But, whe none tries to reprimand her for her wrong doing, she is known to roll on her back and cower, thus alleviating and avoiding any punishment that would have come her way.

Sweet Pea in Florida

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