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Ode to a Dachsund

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Meet Spanky!! 
Our only Male Dachsund !!!!!!!!!!!!
Spanky is only a few months old, and is already a spunky member of our family. He also has serveral nicknames:

1) Barrel Boy (due to his rather cylinder shaped body)

2) Bat Boy (due to his razor sharp teeth)

3) Spanky Hypotenuse (due to his triangular shaped head)

Spanky is known for his excessive licking / kissing, which is part of his loving nature. He loves to shower the family with 1.5 million licks/ per minute with his extremely long tongue (one of the longest tongues known to mankind).

When Spanky isn't busy licking people, he can be found playing with Daddy and "Roger" (pronounced Row-Jer). He is also fond of chewing bones, which are made out of natural bully stick, A.K.A "Bull-@#$%."

Although he is a rather happy and animated dog, he becomes very afraid and cowers whenever "Wild Red" (A.K.A. Moma) reprimands him for doing "Pee Pee and Schmee Schmee" on the carpet. In order to escape presecution, you can usually find him cowering under the couch, or hiding in Jennie's room.

Spanky recently had his first encounter with water, when he fell into the family pond a few weeks ago. One of the observers who witnessed this tragic, yet comical event commented:

"All I saw was this splash......ya know, a splash...and I immediately knew Spanky had fallen into the Pond."

Fortunatley Moma Cita (A.K.A. Wild Red/ Suswan/ Mom) came to the young pup's rescue and eliminated the ponds bacteria by bathing Spanky in the downstairs Slop Sink.

Pictures of this event can be seen below (picures courtesy of Veto (A.K.A. Stenny/ Dardy/ Dad).





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