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Ode to a Dachsund

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Welcome to the News page!  This is where you can find the latest and most up to date news on our dachsunds and others.
Wednesday, August 18th 2004
The latest Dachsund story concerns the famous and controversial "Dachsund Meetup Day."  The event is scheduled for August 21st, in Suffolk County Long Island. However, it has been reported that Derrie Mae and Spanky will not be attending the event, due to their master's overwhelming fears the pups may become overly excited and/or frightened, and may growl and bark excessively at other small Doxies and their owners.
Many sources have agreed with the wise decision made by Veto and Suswan.  It would be quite deterimental for an innocent Doxie to witness one of  Derri Mae's ferocious and infinite barking episodes. Humans and Pups alike have reported instances of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after observing Derri's rath. 
Cases of "Derri Induced Post Trauma Disorder" (DIPTD) have been seen in the United States and Germany.  Humans are said to develop a fear of "small red creatures," while dogs may be afflicted with "puppy nightmares."  However, it must be noted that many experts strongly believe cases of DIPTD involving "puppy nightmares" may not be a direct result of the Disorder; rather the pups are actually suffering from "nightmares of fighting off other sibling in an attempt to get milk from the mother's teet."

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